Show, Don’t Tell! With an…
Explainer Video by Zense

When it comes to communicating complex content and motivating audiences, animated and live-action explainer videos are effective and efficient … if done right. Only with the right rhythm, a strong structure, and witty visuals can you truly move your audience.

In other words: we’re not gonna make you one of those «This is Hans. Hans is sad. But thanks to this very good new software, Hans is not sad anymore» videos. Unless you pay us good money for it …



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For Swiss International Airlines we created a series of videos (and we love them all). Our latest explainer video has an accounted ogre in the lead role.

A what? Well see for yourself.



Because we really love the various explainer videos we created for Swiss International Airlines, here is a second example: a humorous and playful approach to the topic of ‘Just Culture’.

Tell us what you think of it.


I want to see some other client!

Or how about a handmade stopmotion look? This classic among explainer videos is still popular today and is perfect for project pitches, educational films, team mobilisations, and much more.




Or a mixture of live action und animation? It’s quick, dirty AND effective.



Same for me, please!


What will it cost me?

One, one, one, done: one format, one language, one minute, one simple style with a touch of animation – from 11K


Two… much content for just a minute: two formats, two languages, two (to three) minutes, … you get it – from 22K


Three…licious creativity: If we can go wild and take the time to create a true masterpiece (and money is no object), give us a call!



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