Zürich City Forest explainer video


Client: Grün Stadt Zürich

Year: 2021

In spring 2020, when the Zürich city forest was crowded like never before, the communication departement of Grün Stadt Zürich came to us with a request. They recieved an increasing amount of complaints and furious letters from citizens who criticized the “senseless clearing” of the forest and the brutal and noisy felling of trees. There was a need for clarification.


In cooperation with Grün Stadt Zürich we developed a short film with the goal of informing and educating people about the functions of the city forest and what it takes to continue to preserve the forest.

In a workshop with the project team from Grün Stadt Zürich, we worked out the content of the film together, sharpened the message and began to spin the story of the city forest.


During the joint visit to the forest, the district forester showed us the trees in their surroundings, explained the interrelationships in the ecosystem, and explained how it is assessed whether a tree should be removed. The young team of foresters demonstrated to us how a tree is safely felled. We took this valuable information and impressions with us and started the film production.


In the film our concern was not to limit the forest to its functions, but also to convey the fine atmospheric impressions that make up its non-measurable quality.