Our clients often tell us: “Please help us reduce complexity.”


Alas, we can’t be of much help there. Because, you see, for us complexity is nothing to be afraid of. Quite the contrary. An old system-theory principle says: variety absorbs variety. In order to beat a soccer team, you need at least as many players as your opponent has. If you want your company to succeed, its strategy must match the dynamics of the outside world. After all, not everything fits into a BCG matrix. Reducing complexity is like amputating superpowers. So, please don‘t confuse simplicity with clarity. Good math teachers are able to explain the binomial-distribution formula even to a monkey. Bad ones couldn’t teach basic arithmetic to Professor Einstein himself.


Yet, when not handled with care, complexity can be overwhelming and costly. Which is why we suggest reframing complexity – rather than reducing it. Using logic, storytelling, visualization, and gamification techniques, we give wings to whatever piece of information you‘re dealing with. And we make sure it arrives safely at its destination.


We typically reframe in four successive steps: Facilitation, Sensualization, Mobilization, and Sustention.





During Facilitation, we help you analyse and understand your message. Using logic, structure, writing, and managerial principles, we help you not only separate the wheat from the chaff, but also prepare the former for the baking process and add a few missing ingredients. The big questions are: Does it make sense? Does the map match the territory – now and in the future? What target groups are most relevant? Whether it is a strategy, a scientific theory or a product description, it needs to be coherent and well-structured.




During Sensualization, we transform your material into something that transforms your audience: a story. Using every possible storytelling technique out there, plus a plethora of other reframing instruments – e.g. metaphors and visualizations – we make sure it sticks. Because the question is not only whether it makes sense, but also whether it is sensual enough to touch your target‘s heart.




During Mobilization, we mobilize your target groups over a sustained period of time. With the use of customized animated videos, interactive posters, video games, and interactive platforms, we help you engage and interact with the people you care about the most – making sure they are on your side and act accordingly. 




And finally, during Sustention, we acknowledge that there is, in fact, no final. Your content evolves with changing environments, peoples’ reactions, or altered goals. We are there to help you adapt your content, check its effect, and swipe you off your feet over and over again.

"Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change, are truly powerless."

Salman Rushdie


Whenever we design, develop, or implement a gamification solution, we always remain true to our LEGIT principles:

  • Look & Feel
    Our highest priority is making sure the product has a multifaceted quality, one which stimulates all the senses. In contrast with many existing e-learning solutions, your game should be original, humorous, and playful in terms of the visuals, the audio, and the haptics. And of course, it also needs to be didactically and substantively of the highest quality. Only then will we be finally rid of the prejudices held against modern teaching methods by the teachers-talk-and-students-listen crowd.

  • Edited Content
    The contents shouldn’t simply be piled onto one another in a haphazard way, with no contextual framing. That’s why an important part of our service offering is the editorial preparation and curation of the material.

  • Game Mechanics
    A critical element of any game is given by the game mechanics. It’s important to develop one that makes didactic sense and is ingeniously tailored to the specific characteristics of your content and players. This happens in short, iterative cycles. If we get it right, the game mechanics will motivate your players intrinsically, above all, but extrinsically, too.

  • Implementation across the Organization
    If the project is going to succeed — at least in the long run — it’s vital that it be supported and implemented across the entire organization (i.e. agile teams, training sessions, rapid feedback loops).

  • Technological Excellence
    And finally, we make sure to use the most modern technologies around. Our focus is always on reliability, adaptability, privacy, and performance (RAPP!).

The Zense

Well-reframed content is

  • Visual, showing both the wood and the trees
  • Interactive, challenging, and engaging
  • Truthful, faithful to the source
  • Adaptive, changeable over time and for different audiences
  • Metaphorical, creating meaning through alienation
  • Insane, memorably silly
  • Narrated, told as a transformative story
  • Sound, structured, and compelling

Reframe it!

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