Explainer Videos

When it comes to communicating complex content and motivating audiences, animated and live-action videos are effective and efficient … if done right. Only with the right rhythm, a strong structure, and witty visuals can you truly move your audience.


In other words: we’re not gonna make you one of those «This is Hans. Hans is sad. But thanks to this very good new software, Hans is not sad anymore» videos. Unless you pay us good money for it …


Sounds sound. That’s what I need.


Knowledge can be beautiful. With printed, animated, or interactive visualizations, we help you see the wood for the trees and the dirty details in the bushes. Forget about finding Wally. We make you have a closer look at your process, organization, and data-flow charts.


I’m all eye, er, ear.

Games & Gamification

Did you know the makers of Monopoly originally wanted to raise awareness about the perils of capitalism? Well, so much for that …  But with playful experience, simulations, active involvement, and gamified incentive systems, you canenhance both the reach and depth of your message – provided you play your cards right.


«Working» with board and card games, real-life simulations, and all sorts of digital wizardry, we make sure that even that bore in accounting reconnects with his inner child. And it does not stop there! We use gamification elements where you least expect them: compensation and benefits schemes, customer-centricity initiatives, or digital application forms. Why? Because life’s a game. So, let’s play!


The first click is the deepest.


Your presentation’s got neither power nor point? Let Zense help you put some sense into it. We first structure your content and add missing ingredients, then write witty words with amazing alliterations, design derrific disualizations, and turn your slides into a magical canvas that can compete with every Ted Talk out there.


We definitely need help with our presentations.

Educational Comics

We got most of our knowledge about classical literature, history, and entrepreneurship from Donald Duck and his stingy uncle. Enough said, no? 🙂


Take me to Ducktown.

Graphic Recordings

By now, you must have realized that we are suckers for all things visual. Why? Because visualization helps align thoughts, gain insights, boost creativity, and improve overall communication. One particularly powerful application of it is in graphic recordings. You can either book a live recording, which helps seminar and workshop attendees literally stay on the same page, or we can provide you with a follow-up protocol that people will, for once, want to read.


Live? Front row, please!

Storyboard &
Concept Art

When you’re prepping a film project, prototyping a product, or designing a speech, you always get to a point where you need to add some concrete meat to the abstract bone. Our visual artists are at your service to do just that.


I’ll have a double concept art, a medium-rare storyboard, and a gin & tonic, please.


And then there’s l’art pour l’art. Having grown up with Spielberg, Franquin, and Miyamoto, we at Zense feel the urge to share our own stories – whether it’s through books, graphic novels, films, video games, TV shows, or animations. Let us know if you have a great idea to flesh out, a platform to fill – or some money to burn.


I do.