It all makes

Strategy, Change, and Sustainability Communication with sense, sensibility and a pinch of nonsense

Engage your AUDIENCE AND gEt your message across

Are you fed up with boring CEO letters, messy PowerPoint slides, and explainer videos that all look the same? With fruitless change initiatives, boilerplate strategies, and one-off campaigns?


Then let us help you …


  • – reframe and communicate complex materials,
  • – mobilize stakeholders in times of change,
  • – and create space for divergent and creative thinking.


With a plethora of storytelling, visualization, gamification, and other reframing techniques, a profound understanding of management processes, a healthy portion of intellectual fearlessness, and lots of persistence, we make sure your employees, shareholders, clients, voters, students, enemies, pets, and lovers understand and engage.


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Zense is a CAT Company.
Buy one, get three.


As a consultancy, we help you sharpen and reframe your strategy, change story, or other undertakings – and make sure everyone involved understands and feels understood.


As an agency, we transform your plans and materials into campaigns and media, such as explainer videos, infographics, games, workshop materials, or interactive platforms.


And as a think tank for Framing and Reframing, we complement your toolbox with valuable methods from the magical realms of storytelling, metaphorical thinking, visualization, and related fields.


And yes, we could have called it ACT, too. But CAT is more fun.