Strategy &
Change Mobilizations

9 out of 10 corporate strategies fail – often due to weak communication. We help companies reframe their strategies and engage their employees and stakeholders by relying on interactive visualizations, engaging workshops, adaptive narratives and a strict, content-first attitude. Zense has already helped numerous Fortune 500 companies move forward. One of our projects – a strategy mobilization for Swiss – is still being taught at universities as a best-practice case study in the field of strategic communication.


Organizations can be noisy places. Whether you want to promote a new project-management tool, announce new communication guidelines, or adjust your corporate culture, you need tools to be heard – and to hear. With animated and live-action video, interactive media, leaflets and posters, and of course real-life human interaction, we help you cut through the noise, so that you and your colleagues stay on the same page and always keep an eye on the big picture.

Mapping Organizations

How can you reimagine the future if you don’t understand the present? How can you navigate the territory without a map? How can you collaborate when there is no common (play)ground? At Zense, we believe in sharing our mental models with one another, negotiating them and merging them into a big picture that everyone agrees on.


We help you create a shared and pluralistic understanding of your organization, venture, project or product – applying both structured and creative thinking. Let’s workshop a visual and/or narrative representation of the status quo, reimagine it together with pen and paper and, eventually, involve everyone who has a stake in it.

Blended Learning

Everyone’s curious about the new project-management software but its e-learning tutorial is as boring as Almodóvar’s collected works? Or you’ve finally moved into your new headquarters but still can’t find the gym (even though you really want to)? We believe that everything can be taught and learned through a clever mix of catchy carrots and kinky sticks, a combination of double-loop learning, collaborative tools, cutting-edge technology and – most of all – curated and fun content.


Did you know the makers of Monopoly originally wanted to raise awareness about the perils of capitalism? Well, so much for that …  But with playful experience, simulations, active involvement and gamified incentive systems, you can enhance both the reach and depth of your message – provided you play your cards right.


“Working” with board and card games, real-life simulations, and all sorts of digital wizardry, we make sure that even that bore in Accounting reconnects with his inner child. And it doesn’t stop there! We use gamification elements where you least expect them: compensation and benefit schemes, customer-centricity initiatives, or digital application forms. Why? Because life’s a game. So, let’s play!

Workshops &
Workshop Design

There’s nothing more boring than a badly designed workshop (except for an Almodóvar film, maybe). But there’s also nothing more effective than a well-designed workshop (except for an Almodóvar movie … if you’re suffering from insomnia, hihihi). We help you innovate, ideate, create, experiment, prototype, strategize, implement or travel to the innermost realms of your organization’s psyche. By designing and/or conducting tailor-made workshops, sessions, seminars or events – and by providing you with the right tools to do so yourself.

PR & Marketing

Reframing complexity comes in handy when reaching out to the outside world. We help organizations – companies, NGOs, agencies, and assorted third parties – find good stories and make them great by means of facilitation, storytelling and visualization techniques. Hopefully, numerous international awards, happy customers and that voice in your head speak for themselves.


Thanks to a lack of both sense and sensibility in Western education, we have had to learn to find our own ways to make things glitter, even if they aren’t made of gold. Throughout our studies, we’ve worked with summaries, mind maps, and memory palaces to make sense of dry content, thereby transforming PowerPoint presentations into creative outlets and boring papers into engaging stories. And now, we’re more than happy to help you translate science into entertainment. Our animated science series, “Little Green Bags” and “Animated GIFts,” for instance, have racked up millions of hits on social media — and counting.