Avistrat-CH – BAZL

Client: BAZL

Year: 2022

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (BAZL) has been commissioned by the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (UVEK) to develop a holistic strategy for the design of the Swiss aerodrome system and the optimization of airspace structure and management. In order to explain the content of this strategy – called AVISTRAT-CH – to the industry, authorities, politicians and the interested public, we have created a media package in close cooperation with the BAZL.

Key Visual

The foundation of the media package is the key visual. All other media are based on this.

The lower level depicts all strategic initiatives for shaping the Swiss airfield system, while the higher level contains the strategic initiatives for optimizing airspace structure and management. The main construct culminates in the three target fields of the vision and is flanked by floating platforms with the supporting initiatives.

To reinforce the visual link to aviation, we made use of runway signaling in addition to flying objects.

Media Package

In addition to the key visual, the heart of the package is an animated video in which the strategy is explained in detail. The video was realized in four languages and is used on the BAZL website, social media channels and as an interlude at presentations or trade fairs. In addition, the media package consists of various print products such as a poster to bring the strategy physically into the office and thus into awareness. A flyer can be distributed as a take-away goodie at events, presentations and trade fairs. We have also created a free-to-use Power Point presentation template for topic-related presentations and speeches.