Wüest Partner Engagement Event

Client: Wüest Partner

Year: 2023


Who said corporate events had to be a snooze fest? We certainly didn’t.


Wüest Partner, a leading real estate consultancy, has an annual tradition. Each year, its 400 or so employees gather for an event to discuss the company’s values, strategies and culture. Traditionally, this has involved a series of presentations, workshops, flipcharts and group discussions. But in 2023 Wüest Partner sought to take a different approach. Under the motto “The World is our Canvas – Let’s Doodle”, Wüest Partner’s annual event departed from the norm. The basic idea? To translate the company’s cultural values into a giant, interconnected doodle.


And how did we go about designing this experience? With the help of our tried and tested methods:


First, and with some help of a graffiti artist, a TV personality, and a DJ, the content got presented, analyzed, and sharpened. For this, we opted for classic PowerPoint presentations with handouts – there were going be plenty of other attractive media later on.


The participants were then asked to translate the key elements, such as values and aspects of the Code of Conduct, into symbols, stories, metaphors, and visuals. Armed with now tangible cultural insights, each team was then given a large A0 poster. The Triple D ensured that everyone was drawing, while the ORC (Overlap Responsibility Chief) ensured that the doodles were consistent with those of the neighboring teams.


All of the A0 posters were then assembled into a massive 10×10 meter mega-doodle. Think of it as a giant, collaborative quilt of the company’s ethos, held high like a championship banner to a score of cinematic music. The result? A company of doodlers who understood their values, roles, and responsibilities better than ever before, and a work of art that stood as a testament to what can be achieved when everyone draws from the same set of values. Pun intended.


The mega-doodle can be hung up in the office as an artifact to ensure that event continues to draw attention. It can also easily be transferred to a poster or other medium to reminde employees time and again of how they have adopted the company’s values or strategy and created a work of art from it.