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Knowledge can be beautiful. Through printed, animated, or interactive visualizations, we help you see the forest for the trees and uncover the dirty details in the bushes.


We first structure your content and add missing ingredients using metaphorical and visual thinking. Then, we write witty words with amazing alliterations, design terrific visualizations, and bring it all together in the right medium – be it an infographic, “wimmelbild”, comic, or other digital or analog visualization format.


Visualizations align thoughts, provide insight, spark creativity, and enhance communication. Let us show you some of our most compelling examples, from strategy visualizations to educational infographics, workshop templates, and thought-provoking dialog images. Last but not least, let us introduce you to the powerful tools of visual facilitation and graphic recording.



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Strategy Visualizations


In large organizations, maintaining a clear vision of the big picture is crucial. What better way to make a strategy tangible and, well, visible than through visualization? With a clear structure, concise text, and helpful illustrations, strategy visualizations turn dry theory into beautiful and engaging art.


To ensure that your employees share your vision and embrace your mission, we prioritize content and approchability, choosing the best medium to support your message – from pocket maps to large-scale printed posters to dynamic digital microsites.



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Infographics and discussion starters


A picture is worth a thousand words – or, in the case of discussion images, it helps you find the right 1’000 words and spark efficient communication where everyone is on the same page (literally). We find infographics to be extremely helpful in structuring complex content, whether in science, education or business.


Thanks to our designers, these infographics also serve as beautiful pieces of art to decorate your lobby, meeting room, or intranet – and to keep the discussion alive.



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Visual Facilitation and Graphic Recordings


Are you looking to elevate your decision-making process, teamwork, and co-creation? Consider visual facilitation consulting services for your next meeting or workshop.


Our facilitators don’t just create visual logs of quotes and decisions—they actively engage with your team, capturing emotions, dynamics, and open questions. Since it all happens live, everybody can react in real-time, shaping both the visualization and the decisions it stands for. This collaborative approach ensures that your team’s insights and ideas are fully integrated into the process. Through visual facilitation, participants become just as creative as our artists.


And while your team enjoys the process, we handle the illustrated follow-up protocol—ensuring it’s something people will actually want to read.



I’m all eyes, er, ears

What will it cost me?


Live magic: visual facilitation and graphic recording – from 5K


Complex magic: visualizations or infographics for complex subjects from science to romance and beyond – from 15K


Strategic magic: strategy visualizations including workshop and consulting services – from 25K




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