Uniper Strategy Communication


Client: Uniper

Year: 2021

Uniper is one of the world’s biggest energy company. Its product portfolio reaches from CO2 recycling water lentils to renewables and all sorts of conventional power generations. And as diverse as their 12,000 employees are, so is their strategy. But how can Uniper’s ambitious goals be made tangible to employees at all levels? Well, this becomes possible with a medium that is fun, interactive, informative, and keeps employees engaged like in the movie theater.



It’s simply a Scrollytelling! A so-called Scrollytelling refers to websites that convey content in a logical sequence thanks to narrative visualizations. Hereby, the viewer can control the speed and level of detail of the information by simply scrolling and clicking. Depending on their purpose, all relevant information such as updates, podcasts, films, games, events, etc. are brought together on one website and anchored in a unified world. Uniper’s strategy communication has been a blast and became one of their most successful campaigns. And all this despite its originally apparent complexity. Have a look yourself …