Swiss Strategy & Change Mobilization

Client: Swiss International Airlines

Year: 2023


As Swiss International Airlines emerged from the turbulence of the pandemic, a strategic redesign was essential for the new horizons ahead: The new strategy had to be well structured, understandable and compelling enough to engage every level of the organisation. Zense stepped in to translate complex strategic thinking into actionable insights and emotional engagement.


To accomplish this, we proceeded in four phases.


Our first task was to refine the structure of the strategy in collaboration with the SWISS communications and strategy teams. The goal was to make the strategy logical, concise and free of ambiguity. Given the top-down nature of the approach, we ensured that opportunities for employee interaction and feedback were integrated.


Next, we translated the strategy into a compelling narrative using the company’s vintage illustration style, evoking the golden age of travel. The metaphorical approach made the strategy not only accessible, but memorable.


Equipped with a concise narrative, we created a diverse media portfolio to engage SWISS employees. This included a detailed strategy visualization, animated presentations, films, stickers, folding fans, paper airplanes and an intranet landing page. A multi-week digital quiz and contest further engaged employees while collecting valuable feedback.


Watch the beginning of the video here:


To ensure longevity, we established mechanisms for ongoing updates and check-ins. As the strategy evolved, so did our media and narrative, ensuring the campaign’s impact would be long-lasting. The four-phase approach was a comprehensive solution that guided the strategy from ideation to long-term maintenance. It wasn’t just about rolling out a plan; it was about making the plan part of SWISS International Airlines’ organizational DNA.

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