Strategy Visualization &
Change Communication

9 out of 10 corporate strategies fail – often due to a failed strategy communication. But why is communication so hard? And does it have to be? We don’t think so!

Yes, strategies can be complex – but strategy communication does not have to be. Let Zense reframe complexity for you.


We help companies reframe their strategies and engage their employees and stakeholders by relying on interactive visualizations, engaging workshops, adaptive narratives and a strict, content-first attitude. Many words to convey a simple truth: Reframing complexity is what we do best, no matter the medium.


Zense has already helped numerous Fortune 500 companies move forward. For instance, one of our projects – a strategy mobilization for Swiss – is still being taught at universities as a best-practice case study in the field of strategic communication.


Baloise has set sail for new shores with their “Simply Safe” strategy – quite literally. In this large-scale strategy visualization, the organization has turned into a fabulous cruise ship on an adventure through icy waters.


Now there’s a strategy communication that gets everyone on board.



Just another example of a strategy visualization with great attention to detail. For Graubünden Tourism we were able to clear the fog around missions, visions, and related concepts.


Together, we reach the summit of change mobilisation.



Your strategy is only as good as your ability to articulate it.

Bob Iger


Let us help you move your organization with sense and sensibility – and a little bit of nonsense. With a plethora of storytelling and visualization techniques, clever analytics, a wide array of digital and analog media, and lots of persistence, we help you reframe (rather than simplify) complex material, and make your employees, shareholders, clients, voters, students, lovers, pets, and enemies understand and engage.



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