Startup and Venture Support

Every now and then we assist promising and innovative startups with our products and services. Here are a few examples.

Brian - Study for Exams

Brian –  a gamified learning solution for students, was developed by Zense for the University of St. Gallen. It aims to create an interesting and engaging learning environment through gamified elements and offers the possibility to challenge other students through the multiplayer function. The enormous potential of such a platform was recognized and Brian was founded as a startup.

Find more information here: Brian – Study for exams

Wyss Zurich Institute

The Wyss Zurich Institute is an accelerator embedded within ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich, dedicated to the emerging fields of regenerative medicine, robotics, and related hybrid technologies. For two of their projects, Seervision and Sevensense, Zense created the project videos, explaining the content and goals of the two startups.




GotCourts is now an established platform that helps racket sports players to find other players and coaches, register for tournaments, or simply book a court online. In the early days of the startup, we created a video for GotCourts that was primarily aimed at potential investors. Therefore, the video focuses on explaining the product, the monetization strategies, and the future expansion plans.

Inanna Fertility

Inanna Fertility was an ambitious startup that aimed to revolutionize the processes of in vitro fertilization through artificial intelligence.

While they didn’t quite make it, we had the pleasure of creating the whole corporate identity for Inanna. Along the CI, we designed Logo, Website, and MVP and provided an explainer video for the product.



Sightsite is another example of a startup that didn’t survive, but we had the pleasure to work with and create this video. It captures the creative atmosphere and dynamic workspace that Sightsite had and offered its customers. While the video might seem a little bit crazy (yes, I’m talking about the ending), we love to go there and try new things that meet the vibe of our clients.

Renuo - Gifcoins

Gifcoins by Renuo wants to reform the way we say thank you to our colleagues. They found an easy way to send digital appreciation messages to coworkers. Via Gifcoin! We have developed the style, illustrations and the gif itself for their communication tools like website or newsletters.