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A powerful new tool for stunning strategy workshops: The strategy kit!

Autor: stephan

All too often, the corporate strategy is elusive and puzzling, leading to misalignment within organizations. In order to get them on the same page, companies come to us to dispel the fog of confusion and communicate their corporate strategy explicitly. We at Zense reframe complex, unclear, ambiguous information so that there’s a chance that even your own goat could understand it. But while creating countless strategy visualizations, we realized there is an ominous problem present in most of the companies’ control centers: confusion has even managed to infiltrate the ranks of the self proclaimed strategy masters. Who the hell should steer the ship if not even the masters themselves speak the same language?


So instead of brushing the problem under the carpet and escaping to a tropical island somewhere to live in blissful ignorance, we decided to tackle the problem head on. We have been implementing strategy workshops with our clients to make sure that EVERYONE in the company is on the same page. To help us along in this process, we developed a sweet little deck of cards, the Kit Kit Kit strategy kit, which has turned out to be a blessing in (a rather attractive) disguise. Through our own experience we realized that the kit could be used internally and externally – by that we don’t mean that it’s edible – in group workshops, at parties or as a sparring partner when one of us felt lonely and in need of some life guidance. After realizing the potential of this tool and how much it had helped us to harness the powers of strategy, storytelling and metaphors to find clarity, we decided to share it.