L’Occitane Group Mission

Client: L’Occitane Group

Year: 2022

The L‘Occitane Group stands for beauty inspired by nature. So we knew that anything we created for the L’Occitane Group would have to be a product of outstanding beauty while meeting our high standards of meaningfulness and clarity. Challenge met, we dare to say.


Our task was to reframe the L’Occitane Groups mission, which resulted in a mission statement and the production of several communication tools. The products were developed for various markets around the world.

Key Visual

The key visual is our main product and the heart of the campaign. It shows an entwined building caressed and connected by a plant. This symbiosis of construction and nature stands for the products of the L’Occitane Group.

The harmonious characters reflect the brand’s sense of community, and their actions again emphasize the closeness to nature. Each group of people stands for one statement of the mission manifesto.

Overall, the key visual represents the brand values twice; a beautiful interplay of content and style.

Soundbite Video

To incorporate the employees of the L’Occitane Group and show their attachment to the brand and what it means to them, we created this soundbite video. People from all over the world and in different positions participated by sending us their statements. For the video’s visual frame, we opted for some delicate animations of characters from the key visual.

Key Visual Animation

After finishing the key visual, we took on the extra challenge of creating an additional explainer product for it. We used the Mission Manifesto as a voice-over and created a subtly animated version of the corresponding scene to accompany every sentence. The result was a video to help every L’Occitane Group employee easily follow the manifesto and find their place in the key visual building.

The Manifesto