Helvetia Book & Film

Client: Helvetia

Year: 2020


We all know it: the world is becoming faster, more complex, more unpredictable. With every risk, however, comes an opportunity. Firms can’t rely anymore on rigid, top-down strategies; the inputs and creativity of their employees are needed, now more than ever.


Helvetia Insurance has taken stock of this paradigm shift and is set on promoting a culture of experimentation which is based on a bottom-up approach: employees are encouraged to think for themselves and actively shape processes. Could a product use a little innovation? Helvetia gives its employees the opportunity to experiment in search of improvements or solutions.


Talking the talk is one thing; mobilizing thousands of employees, another. To do that, we developed an animated video and a playbook for Helvetia. The video explains the advantages of a culture of experimentation while also giving a first look into how experiments often take place. The playbook provides a more detailed “user manual” and serves simultaneously as a kind of sketch pad for daily use.