GFA Strategy & Change Mobilization

Client: Gesundheitszentren für das Alter

Year: 2023


In a competitive job market, retaining and developing employees is more important than ever. A reality, which Zurich-based “Gesundheitszentren für das Alter” is all too aware of.

Yet, when they first approached us, the challenges they faced were even more complex. Formed from the merger of two separate organizations, it was struggling with a lack of direction and employee discomfort. To complicate matters, the organization had a multicultural workforce from over 100 countries spread across 40 city locations.


A strong narrative was needed. One that had the power to unite the various components of the company.

Key Visual

The “One Planet” metaphor simplified the complex structure and vision and served as a guiding star for communication.

It emerged from initial workshops with key stakeholders and a structured creative process. Implementation included spreading the message through posters, films, and training materials, starting with this key visual.



Further Media

Ongoing efforts such as contests and updates were essential for long-term employee engagement and organizational coherence.