Get out of the office, now!
Employee Engagement Events with Sense and Sensibility

(and a bit of nonsense)

Another year, another PowerPoint presentation, a dust-covered flip chart, and a motivational speech that only lifts eyebrows rather than spirits…

Tired of the same old employee events? Not this year. Picture your team creating something truly remarkable together – a massive doodle, an art installation, a story that will be told for generations. Whatever it is you choose, we will make sure it will win hearts and minds, and leave a lasting impression among everyone involved.


Whether you want to engage an entire company or just your team of 20, we’ve got just the thing for you.


Enter the Zense Employee Engagement Event Factory (Zeeef for short, whatever that means).

CASE 1: Doodlemania

The case? Our client, a leading real estate consultancy with employees throughout Europe, wanted just that little touch of Zense-travagance. Each year, its 400 or so employees gather for an event to discuss the company’s values, strategies and culture. Traditionally, this has involved a series of presentations, workshops, flipcharts and group discussions. But in 2023, our client wanted to go beyond the traditional formats and seek an authentic embodiment of its guiding values.


The basic idea? To translate the company’s cultural values into a giant, interconnected doodle. An ensemble of a graffiti artist, a TV personality, and a DJ led them through the day. They guided fifty groups to create fifty A0-sized doodle posters. In the end, the groups stitched their doodles into a 10-by-10 meter art tapestry that was raised like a ship’s sail to a chorus of cheers and dramatic music. This wasn’t just a gigantic mega-doodle; it was a vivid, colorful representation of the company’s code of conduct and spirit of collaboration. The exercise was a live simulation of what effective teamwork should look like. Just like in the corporate world, each doodler had a role to play, and each role had its impact on the final big picture.


The result? A company of doodlers who understood their values, roles, and responsibilities better than ever before, and a work of art that stood as a testament to what can be achieved when everyone draws from the same set of values. Pun intended.






The case? Looking for a dynamic twist to their HR conference, our client, a major airline, embarked on a journey to transform their gathering into an immersive experience. Prior to the conference, Zense worked with them to create an invitation video that set the stage for what was to come. But the real magic happened at the conference itself.

The basic idea? A live graphic recording that captured the essence of the conference as it unfolded. In the style of courtroom sketches, attendees were captured as they walked in, even before the conference officially began. During the various speeches and panels, vivid snapshots of ideas, discussions, and key takeaways were caught on paper and shared with the audience. At the same time, two Zense illustrators were working on a giant mural to be unveiled at the end of the conference.


The result? Participants were drawn into the discussions in a whole new way (again, pun intended), inspired by the dynamic visual representation unfolding before their eyes. The live drawings sparked conversations, generated new ideas, and created connections among attendees. And when the conference was over, the mural served as a tangible reminder of the collective wisdom and collaborative spirit that characterized the event.




CASE 3: Paper playground

The case? For its annual management event, our client sought to inject a dose of creativity and interactivity. With Zense at their side, they wanted to facilitate a workshop that would not only encourage cross-functional fluidity, but also foster team collaboration and engagement.


The basic idea? Prior to the event, Zense meticulously prepared oversized paper templates, each carefully designed to guide the workshop activities. These templates served as dynamic canvases for tasks such as listing success criteria, brainstorming appropriate metaphors, and mapping out strategic plans. Teams were encouraged to write, draw, and brainstorm directly on the templates, transforming them into vibrant visual representations of their collective ideas and insights. But it didn’t stop there. In between tasks, Zense introduced interactive games designed to provide quick breaks and keep participants engaged. These games, seamlessly integrated into the templates, provided a fun and refreshing way for teams to recharge before diving back into workshop activities.


The result? Participants were immersed in a paper playground of creativity and collaboration. The oversized templates provided a tangible platform for brainstorming and ideation, allowing teams to visually capture their thoughts and ideas in real time. The interactive games added a playful element to the process, fostering camaraderie and teamwork among participants.




Is there more?

Way more, glad you asked. 🙂


Doodling is great fun, so are board games, paper airplane competitions, marble runs or massive chain reactions. Our specialty lies in Zense-making, so let’s not limit ourselves by the tool or media. Instead, let’s find the perfect solution to communicate your particular message to your particular team.



What’s in Store?

Facilitation: What’s the message? What’s the goal? Who’s the target group? What’s the tonality? Who’s in charge?

Sensualization: What’s the story? What’s the (event) metaphor? What’s the guiding medium?

Mobilization: Where does it take place? Who does what when? Who are the speakers, moderators, facilitators? Is there more than soggy salad and cheap white whine?

Sustention: What’s the follow-up? How will learnings be embedded into daily life? What’s next?



What will it cost me?

A simple DIY Workshop Kit: from 10k

A Wimmelbild Workshop, including the professional production of – yes – a wimmelbild: from 25k

A fully-fledged Doddlemania Day with 500 employees: from 60k

A week-long role-playing sailing trip with J-Lo, Hideo Kojima and Gäwis Mom: call us!



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