Connecting the dots – a scrollytelling experience


Client: Baloise Schweiz

Year: 2021

Baloise is driving innovation. Ambitious goals have been set, the strategy for achieving them has been defined, and business figures look successful, too.


But how to communicate this wealth of complex information both understandably and appealingly? Especially given the heterogeneous target group of investors, management, employees, and the media? Is a traditional brochure really the best way to talk about innovation?


We don’t think so.

In close cooperation with Baloise’s investor relations team, we developed an interactive scrollytelling site – a website to engage with. Users can scroll through the Baloise innovation story at their own pace and interact with gamified elements.


The goal was to put information transfer center stage while still providing entertainment value and creating an appealing design.The average dwell time of 15 minutes during the Baloise Innovation Day speaks for itself – we seem to have succeeded.

«Simultaneously inspirational and aspirational, this is a solid foundation to build future growth. Full marks for the extremely well crafted presentation. Really impressive from any perspective.», Baloise employee

„To me, the best information preparation Baloise showed in their website universe so far.“, Baloise employee

«A step in the right direction: We view Baloise’s decision to begin disclosing some additional information on the innovation strategy earlier than anticipated as particularly positive because it tells us that the company is aware of investors’ concerns and is moving to address them.», Financial analyst

«The final outcome of the innovation website is indeed impressive. … the details you have shared provide an important “stepping stone” as you continue to build investor conviction around your innovation and digital story.», Investment Bank


Connecting The Dots is the winner of the IR Magazine Award – Europe 2022 in the category

«Best innovation in shareholder communications».