Brian – Study for Exams

Client: University of St.Gallen

Year: 2020


Brian is an application that allows its students to learn and practice exam material with the ease of a social, competitive, digital game.


Dry presentation slides, crowded lecture halls, and endless bullet point lists are not things of the past. Even thirty years after the birth of the World Wide Web, academic educational content is dry as dust and tiresome.

Unfortunately, all too often charming, well-curated, and funny designed content is not available. Until now …

The App

The application not only functions as a learning tool for students but is also highly beneficial for teachers and universities. Teachers and lecturers provide content for Brian according to their course, gain insights into the learning process, and have access to real-time data in the learning analytics.

The university can monitor the learning behavior and therefore set program goals for quality assurance or the accreditation processes.

Brian provides a data-driven, social, and engaging teaching and learning environment.


Brian specializes in fun and gamified learning solutions for students.

Several different question types, such as multiple choice questions, flashcards, crosswords or polls ensure an interesting and engaging use of the application. This range also allows a wide variety of content.

The multi-player approach even makes it possible to vote on the best answers from other users for open-ended questions or to challenge other users in a mini-game.



The learning approach of Brian aims for efficient and sustainable learning. This works, for example, with the concept of spaced repetition. All questions are divided into five success levels and are withheld from the user for different periods of time depending on the category.


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