Brian – Study for Exams

Client: University of St.Gallen

Year: 2020


Hello! I’m Brian.

Brian is an application and allows its students to learn and practice exam material with the ease of a social, competitive, digital game.


Dry presentation slides, crowded lecture halls, and endless bullet point lists are not things of the past. Even thirty years after the birth of the World Wide Web, academic educational content is dry as dust and tiresome. Unfortunately, all too often charming, well-curated, and funny designed content is not available.


In close collaboration with the University of St. Gallen, Zense has born Brian with the goal to refine the way of studying for exams. We use gamification, algorithms, and proven learning methods that not only help you reach short-term targets but also lead to a wealth of knowledge in the long run.


To find out more, have a look at our website:


So, game on!